Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Professional use of muscle testing

Because I was so intrigued by what I had discovered about muscle testing I wanted to learn how to do it myself. Although I studied and researched many hours with my mentor, I never felt that I had the confidence to try it without his supervision. So although I felt that I was an expert on the theory of how it worked, I learned how to do MRT from a video training course I bought.

After the book project was scrapped, I continued to research the idea of being able to access and question the subconscious mind through muscle testing. I spent a lot of time on the Internet reading about how others were using MRT. Some of the conclusions they presented were based on false ideas so I knew they weren't for me. Then I found Dr. Brad May of Serenity Systems.

A second witness

I have written about my experiences with Dr. May previously, but I want to focus on what I felt were the two greatest benefits of his work. First, he corroborated for me what I had learned from my original mentor. Although the method of releasing stress was a little different, the method of discovering the source of that stress was almost exactly the same or more precise.

Second, Dr. May brought the credentials of a PhD. to the study and had used MRT clinically in his work as a psychiatrist. He documented his work with videos and specific training manuals that showed exactly how to perform muscle testing and how to use the unique questioning techniques to access the subconscious mind. His case studies were well defined and explained.

MRT on the fingers

The most exciting part of his work to me, was that he taught how to use finger testing in addition to arm testing, and demonstrated exactly how it was performed. After reading his book I just had to have his video training series which I purchased and reviewed many times. In the videos he showed that finger muscle testing was actually more comfortable for most of his clients.

Dr. May is also the only practitioner of MRT I know who explains surrogate muscle testing which allows muscle testing to be performed on an individual without being in physical contact. I knew that my first mentor used surrogate testing but he did not encourage it as it was not endorsed by the originator of the technique. However, I knew he used it as well. What was the problem?

Surrogate finger testing

The difficulty of surrogate muscle testing is that it is more subject to interference or more correctly stated, to interpretation. It is harder to be certain that the results being received through surrogate finger MRT are from the individual being tested and not your own subconscious. It takes years of practice to really get it right and be confident in the results.

The beauty of this advanced technique is that you can help someone who is not even physically present in the same room or even the same city as you. It can be performed while chatting with the individual on the phone or over the internet. Dr May even mentions covert testing where MRT is performed on a client without their knowledge or permission, as requested by a loving and concerned parent or spouse.

This is real and is being used

The purpose of sharing this information is an attempt to persuade you that muscle response testing is not a fluke and is not hokey. I know it is hard to believe that this could be used by anyone in the medical community but it is. I have discovered several other examples over the years of professionals who use this technique to help them in their work with their clients.

In the fifteen years since I first discovered it, I have researched dozens of websites of doctors that claim to use it in their work. Because it is so foreign to Western medicine, there is a lot of opposition, especially from individuals like Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch. As I have written before, Dr. Barrett does a lot of good but he is very opposed to the use of muscle testing.

Summary and conclusion

Because of the power and reach of the AMA, you will not find very many practitioners in the United States who use muscle testing in their work. But because of the worldwide reach of the Internet, we can now discover professionals outside of the U.S. documenting their work and corroborating the efficacy of questioning the subconscious through muscle response testing.

I am grateful that I was exposed to MRT many years ago and learned it from several of the pioneers in the field. After fifteen years, I remain convinced that it is a legitimate tool when used properly. There is no doubt that it is misused as well. MRT is a unique and special tool that can produce valuable and reliable results when used by those who are trained and practiced.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Negative energy and negative entities

Once I had eliminated most of the unresolved stress from my life, I wanted to learn how to become a stress management consultant. I proposed to write and publish a book on the subject and began a series of interviews with the individual who had helped me. He agreed to teach me what I needed to know about the technique so I could feel comfortable with the methods.

I recorded and transcribed these interviews which were most revealing into areas where Muscle Response Testing could be used to discover other things about the subconscious. When I asked where my trainer had learned all this I was referred to the originator of the Stress Management technique. I contacted and interviewed him and obtained an early copy of his own manuscript.

First efforts to publish book

I then wrote the first few chapters of my book and published it on the web. After reviewing the material, we all decided that the time was just not right to publish the details because of the complexity of the work. This was right at the time when false memories of sexual abuse were becoming a huge problem in the world of stress management. More needed to be learned.

One of the basic tenants of this particular method of stress management involves the belief that stress is caused by taking offense. When we take offense, negative energy can temporarily or permanently jump from one individual to another. If it is temporary, it leaves behind hurtful or disabling feelings. If it is permanent, what jumps to the person is a negative entity. This is rare.

Negative energy can be eliminated

We also discovered that negative entities were almost always involved in early emotional trauma involving rape, incest or homosexual encounters. In other words, though no fault of their own, a victim could be inflicted with the lingering presence of a malignant entity. In time, this entity came forth to express itself. The victim could be drawn into the exact same offensive behavior.

The only way to remove the negative energy, or in some cases, negative entity was through the process of forgiveness. But first it had to be identified. That is where muscle testing came in. Through MRT, the source of the original trauma could be identified and the individual involved could be forgiven. The negative energy was then directed to leave the suffering individual.

Forgiveness is the key

The most common method of releasing the negative energy was simply saying out loud, "I forgive so-and-so for causing me to feel belittled or hurt or for causing me great pain when I was x years old. I release the negative energy associated with this traumatic event and direct it to leave my body or spirit and never return." There are several variations on this procedure.

It was also fairly clear that in many of the traumatic instances the individual needed to forgive themselves for taking offense or for being less than perfect or for taking the negative stress into their own system. We also discovered that sometimes, the stress was created without anyone else being involved. Negative energy was absorbed by incorrect choices at some point in time.

False memories and negative entities

The most astonishing cases for me involved dealing with multiple personalities. These are the false memories I was referring to earlier. Sometimes an individual would claim or test positive for having suffered sexual abuse as a child. In reality, the memories being accessed were those of someone who had passed into the spirit world and was using the victim to express themselves.

Now I know that this is going to sound incredibly bizarre and out there to anyone who has not been exposed to it before. I am not the only one who practices this particular kind of stress management. The best resource online is Russ Stewart in Oregon. I invite you to visit his website to learn more. You will find references there to the originator of this technique.

Dealing with unresolved stress

I have written previously about my introduction to the techniques of using muscle response testing to discover hidden stress and emotional trauma in the subconscious mind. Because I was so intrigued with what I had witnessed, I decided to schedule a visit to the stress management consultant to address a few unresolved issues that had been bothering me for many years.

I asked for help in understanding more about anger issues I was experiencing at that time in my life. I could not figure out why I would become upset in certain situations. In what I now consider to be a classic approach to stress management, the counselor led me through a series of questions that pinpointed the exact cause of what set me off and when it originally happened.

Eliminating stress

Once we identified the source of the problem, the stress management consultant asked if I wanted to eliminate it from my life. Thinking there was some long and drawn out process I would have to go through, I asked how much it would cost and how long it would take. I was very incredulous when I was informed that it could be taken care of in about one minute.

I was taught that our body stores stress when we have conflicts. Every time we encounter similar situations, the unresolved stress is remembered. People have different capacities for stress. Some can manage a huge load of stress without resolving it. I had reached my capacity on this particular issue and my body was reminding me that it needed to be resolved.

Releasing the stress

The original feelings of anger came to the surface every time this issue came up. In this case, it was a challenge to my authority that was the problem. Amazingly enough, the resolution was a very simple process. All I had to do was to forgive the person who originally caused me to take offense in order to release the stored up negative energy in the form of anger. It worked.

I felt an immediate and palpable sense of relief. For me, it was a very emotional experience. Because the relief was so real, I asked after a few moments if we could find and resolve other hidden issues. For the next hour or two, the counselor helped me discover and resolve dozens of specific instances of stress that had been annoying me for years, some of them very traumatic.

Actual methods involved

Now there is a lot more to this process than I have noted here. There are a couple of methods that help to relieve the stress. One involves slowly stroking the spine from top to bottom, as it is theorized that the spine is a central repository of stress. Another involves holding the left middle finger in the proximity of the left foot of person being treated while they express forgiveness.

I know, it sounds hokey. I thought the same thing when I first was introduced to this method of releasing stress. Muscle Response Testing is not for everyone. Some people will never accept that it works. The same goes for the methods used to release the stress. There is an element of faith involved because as far as I know, this is contrary to traditional science and medicine.

Summary and conclusion

Learning how to identify and release unresolved stress was a turning point in my life. I went on in working with this and other stress management consultants to study the techniques myself. I became proficient in using Muscle Response Testing on both the arm and on the fingers. I did a lot of self-study and analysis until I concluded that I had eliminated all my unresolved trauma.

I concluded that the technique of MRT is legitimate, at least for me. It works in my case, but perhaps that is because I believe it works. It can be and is misused by individuals wanting to sell vitamins and supplements. But for me, the best use of MRT is to discover hidden stress from our past. I have even used it to eliminate what I consider to be inherited trauma.