Monday, June 16, 2008

Negative energy and negative entities

Once I had eliminated most of the unresolved stress from my life, I wanted to learn how to become a stress management consultant. I proposed to write and publish a book on the subject and began a series of interviews with the individual who had helped me. He agreed to teach me what I needed to know about the technique so I could feel comfortable with the methods.

I recorded and transcribed these interviews which were most revealing into areas where Muscle Response Testing could be used to discover other things about the subconscious. When I asked where my trainer had learned all this I was referred to the originator of the Stress Management technique. I contacted and interviewed him and obtained an early copy of his own manuscript.

First efforts to publish book

I then wrote the first few chapters of my book and published it on the web. After reviewing the material, we all decided that the time was just not right to publish the details because of the complexity of the work. This was right at the time when false memories of sexual abuse were becoming a huge problem in the world of stress management. More needed to be learned.

One of the basic tenants of this particular method of stress management involves the belief that stress is caused by taking offense. When we take offense, negative energy can temporarily or permanently jump from one individual to another. If it is temporary, it leaves behind hurtful or disabling feelings. If it is permanent, what jumps to the person is a negative entity. This is rare.

Negative energy can be eliminated

We also discovered that negative entities were almost always involved in early emotional trauma involving rape, incest or homosexual encounters. In other words, though no fault of their own, a victim could be inflicted with the lingering presence of a malignant entity. In time, this entity came forth to express itself. The victim could be drawn into the exact same offensive behavior.

The only way to remove the negative energy, or in some cases, negative entity was through the process of forgiveness. But first it had to be identified. That is where muscle testing came in. Through MRT, the source of the original trauma could be identified and the individual involved could be forgiven. The negative energy was then directed to leave the suffering individual.

Forgiveness is the key

The most common method of releasing the negative energy was simply saying out loud, "I forgive so-and-so for causing me to feel belittled or hurt or for causing me great pain when I was x years old. I release the negative energy associated with this traumatic event and direct it to leave my body or spirit and never return." There are several variations on this procedure.

It was also fairly clear that in many of the traumatic instances the individual needed to forgive themselves for taking offense or for being less than perfect or for taking the negative stress into their own system. We also discovered that sometimes, the stress was created without anyone else being involved. Negative energy was absorbed by incorrect choices at some point in time.

False memories and negative entities

The most astonishing cases for me involved dealing with multiple personalities. These are the false memories I was referring to earlier. Sometimes an individual would claim or test positive for having suffered sexual abuse as a child. In reality, the memories being accessed were those of someone who had passed into the spirit world and was using the victim to express themselves.

Now I know that this is going to sound incredibly bizarre and out there to anyone who has not been exposed to it before. I am not the only one who practices this particular kind of stress management. The best resource online is Russ Stewart in Oregon. I invite you to visit his website to learn more. You will find references there to the originator of this technique.

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Unknown said...

Many therapeutic sources are arriving more and more to the ideas or conclusion that clients need to deal with the "God" issue. The old idea of prayer as being in touch with the Source of all life is a very effective stress solution. I use mediation to get to this state