Saturday, October 13, 2007

Using muscle testing to access the subconscious

This essay is about Muscle Response Testing. Click on this link for a good introduction to accessing the subconscious mind.

Many practitioners of muscle response testing are chiropractors who learned how to use MRT from Dr Ted Morter. Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique or BEST is the technique he developed. It is used to identify and then remove interference caused by stored emotional patterns. The procedure allows the individual to consciously focus on certain feelings that have been stored in the brain as memory engrams. Through this procedure the sub-conscious portions of the brain can be accessed.

Once the specific emotion, recurring thought, stress or feeling has been identified, it can be 're-programmed' or eliminated. When the individual has eliminated the negative past stress, true healing can and will occur. The physical procedure is administered in the face-up position, utilizing the Arm Strength Check. However, many practitioners have evolved beyond the methods taught by Ted Morter and utilize a sitting or standing muscle response test. In fact, the preferable method for most individuals and practitioners seems to be the finger test.

Is this a legitimate health technique?

This is not something I'm making up. It has been around for at least twenty years of which I am aware. What this is describing is a way to identify and release stored emotional trauma using muscle response testing. For many people, it is the only way they have been able to find to truly heal themselves, because as we know, most doctors really don't heal. They just diagnose, prescribe medications or in cases where warranted, perform adjustments or surgical repairs. From personal experience I am convinced that there is more to true healing than the physical.

As I described in my last post, many practitioners have moved beyond and added to the techniques of whoever first taught them how to use muscle response testing to ask the body what it really needs to heal itself. A chiropractor's focus would be on the health of the skeletal frame of the body while a psychiatrist would focus on using MRT to find past emotional stress and trauma.


I am not trained as either a chiropractor or a psychiatrist yet I use MRT any time I come across a situation in my life where I need to know what caused me to think, feel or act the way I did in a stressful situation. I have taught myself how to access my subconscious memory to discover and eliminate what is bugging me.

Can Muscle Response Testing really be used to access the subconscious mind? Read my story to learn why I believe it can.


Unknown said...

All this fascinates me. I've long been intrigued by all forms of healing, and wish mainstream medicine and holistic medicine were more intertwined.

There's so much more out there than we can know in this life. When we're sick, why why not use everything known to man until we find what heals best?

I'm adding this blog to my favorites list so I can return and read more.

Tim Malone said...

Thank you Anne. I too find it fascinating which is why I'm posting this stuff. I have a lot more to post. Knowing that someone else is interested in the possibilities of holistic healing encourages me. Look for some good posts later this week about the work of Dr Brad May and my experiences with his techniques.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that this could be one more alternative rather than shock therapy. I have heard some persuasive argument for Shock therapy however I am always open to other ideas.

Tim Malone said...

Hi anonymous,

I am of the opinion that questioning the subconscious mind, discovering and eliminating hidden stress trauma through Muscle Response Testing is so much better than shock therapy. It has helped me feel better about myself and eliminate anxiety in my life for the past fifteen years.