Thursday, October 25, 2007

Basic assumptions of ECC

In a previous post I briefly introduced Dr Brad May who developed a groundbreaking therapeutic technique to relieve emotional trauma and stress. I am convinced that the work of Dr. Brad May is legitimate, and produces measurable results. It appears to provide a quantum leap in the field of psychiatric therapy and healing.

I have studied Dr. May's work in great detail and highly recommend his method and technique as being of great value to society. I have learned and practiced his clearing technique on myself, family and friends to great benefit. Although I cannot fully explain how it works, I have been amazed with the results. Things that had bothered me for years simply disappeared in just a few moments.

I encourage anyone who is seeking to discover the roots of emotional distress and alleviate them to find a counselor who is trained in this unique technique and judge the results for themselves. It does little good for critics to jump to conclusions without experiencing the process to obtain a better understanding. Here are some some introductory notes from his seminar notebook published in 1998. I will not quote extensively from his book as it is copyrighted material.

Basic assumptions about muscle testing:

1. There is a deeper part of you.
2. It knows the truth
3. We can access it through muscle testing.
4. The answers we get will be accurate.

Basic assumptions about the clearing technique:

1. Emotional trauma is stored along the spinal column.
2. Such trauma can be gently and easily released.
3. People will feel lighter and freer as a result.
(Emotional issues will be healed or significantly alleviated.

The workbook has step-by-step instructions on what to ask to get to the top priority item, clear it and check for emotional support activity needed. It also contains many pages of resource material and explanations of various pre-clearing activities as well as details of the clearing technique itself. In addition, it contains a page enclosed in plastic that can be used as a guideline in conducting sessions.

Dr May has done the world a great service by documenting and publishing his discovery and clearing techniques and making them available on the internet. You can find all kinds of quacks and nutcases on the internet but Dr May's work is legitimate. His techniques can be self-taught and learned through the workbook and videos, which demonstrate clearly how to make it work.

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