Thursday, October 11, 2007

What do feelings have to do with health?

Another great book that introduces some amazing concepts in holistic healing and especially in finding hidden emotional trauma or stress is "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die," by Karol Kuhn Truman. It was published in 1991 and had sold over 100,000 copies in less than ten years of low-key marketing. It is now sold by many more distributors and resellers including most of the major outlets. She also wrote a follow-up book entitled 'Healing Feelings...From Your Heart" in 2000.

Her first book is unique in that it builds upon the idea that feelings and even thoughts have energy and are stored in our bodies at the cellular level. Feelings, especially traumatic or stressful ones are associated with memories and those feelings are stored right along with those memories for later access. That's why when we remember an event or experience a similar event, we often experience the same feelings associated with the original. Unfortunately, we cannot always remember events and wonder why we feel a certain way when we are in a similar situation.

That is the premise of the book. It's not rocket science and yet it is profound. You see, it explains why we sometimes act the way we do or feel the way we do when we encounter just about anything that brings up those original stressful feelings from the first event. The author proposes that until those original negative feelings are resolved then we will continue to experience discomfort and a general feeling of unease that nags at us and demands our attention.

Sometimes those unresolved memories are just below our conscious thought level but many times they pop up into our minds in quiet moments wanting our attention and asking for resolution. We want to be at peace and want to feel that all is well, but until these feelings are resolved our energies cannot be fully given to the things we are trying to do with our lives. I don't think this is a foreign concept and most people in life have experienced it and are familiar with the idea. We may try to push them away but eventually we must face them and decide what we are going to do with them. But what if we can't remember the original problem?

That's where Karol Truman's book really shines. She offers what she calls "The Script," a tool to discover and resolve these hidden feelings that have been buried alive and won't die. The script is based on the idea that our intelligence or sub-conscious remembers and knows everything that concerns us as individuals. We do not have to be hypnotized to access it. The information is there and the script brings it out. She teaches that you do not need to know when or where the original event came from because your sub-conscious or intelligence already knows.

The purpose of the script is to change the negative energy vibrations associated with the original event into positive energy. The author claims that by using the script many thousands of people have been helped to be free from therapy and have made exceptional emotional growth and development. She also states that the script has assisted people in removing the beliefs that blocked them and kept them from attaining their goals.

I won't reveal the script here. You will need to buy her book to discover that for yourself. I will tell you that I have used her script for many years and I know from personal experience that it works. After introducing and explaining the script and how to use it she does her readers a great service by providing a detailed list of feelings that can be used as a checklist for discovery. In addition, she has compiled and provided another list, evolved through many years as a counselor, of probable feelings that cause illness.

Again, we're talking holistic healing here. That's the purpose of what this blog is all about. This list is probably not something that a medical doctor would endorse or approve. Nevertheless, I have discovered though self-application that her list is almost always accurate. I have used it many times on myself, my family and some close friends to discover the real and hidden source of stress and emotional pain in our lives. Once discovered, the script was used to resolve and clear them up.

Two final notes on what this great book has done for me: First it introduced me to the concept of muscle response testing as a tool to use for identifying the feelings. I will not get into that here as I anticipate there will be many future blog entries about that. There are many thousands of people who use this tool and know of its effectiveness. There are also many vocal opponents to its use who will tell you that you are crazy if you believe it works (see Quackwatch). Second the book provided the key to making the script work.

I'm not sure why Karol was so low key about the real reason the script works and why she did not elaborate on it as much as I think she should have. The key is forgiveness. It is through forgiveness that the negative feelings are released and resolved. It is through forgiveness that the bad memory associations are broken and the memories no longer hold the terror or fear that they once held. It is through forgiveness that we are able to go forward in our lives without being held back by bad feelings. Yes, forgiveness, especially for oneself is the real key to happiness in this life.

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