Monday, October 8, 2007

Quackwatch and human body energy fields

Before I continue my commentary on some of the amazing things in Dr Ritchie's book, I must point out that the idea of energy fields in the human body is strongly disputed by some medical doctors, and one in particular who has been very vocal or verbose about the subject. If you have not heard of the website Quackwatch by now you should take the time to investigate it for yourself. Dr. Stephen Barrett has done the world a great service by exposing many misleading or ineffective health-related products and services as frauds, myths, fallacies and misconduct.

Unfortunately, Dr. Barrett is very closed minded when it comes to anything not a part of traditional Western medicine. He relies mostly on negative research to criticize alternative medicine, rejecting most positive case studies as unreliable. He insists that most alternative therapies simply should be disregarded without further research. "A lot of things don't need to be tested [because] they simply don't make any sense." They may not make sense to him, but they obviously do to somebody who came up with the idea.

If you search Quackwatch today you can find dozens of references to 'energy fields' in various articles. Unfortunately, they are all negative. He is especially critical of Therapeutic Touch, a method in which the hands are used to "direct human energies to help or heal someone who is ill." Practitioners of TT (and there are many thousands) claim that the patient's "energy field" can be detected and intentionally manipulated by the therapist. They theorize that healing results from a transfer of "excess energy" from healer to patient.

Being a religious man, I must make reference to the Biblical practice of the laying on of hands to heal the sick, but I also believe that the practice is limited to those who are authorized of God. Are some people gifted to be able to sense the energy fields in the body? I believe so, but that's just my opinion. That's why I am pursuing holistic healing in this blog. I simply don't want to limit my opportunities to be healed by what some medical doctor has said is the *only* way to be healed.

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