Saturday, November 3, 2007

Energy Healing and Balancing through Kinesiology

Russ Stewart is a CSMC or Certified Stress Management Consultant practicing in Grants Pass Oregon. To quote from his page: "Since 1993 I have been practicing a combination of Energy Healing and Balancing, Kinesiology Techniques, Time-line Healing and Relationship Building." I know about Energy Healing and Balancing as well as Kinesiology Techniques but am a little unclear on what is Time-line Healing.

Time-Line Healing

Update: Russ emailed me this description of Time-line Healing: "About time line healing. I thought of using the term so that people would say what is that? In your blog you went on in other ways and described it very well. In questioning one's intelligence through muscle response testing we find stress, unresolved matters negatively affecting a persons life. The stress is having a present affect but from my experience the emotionally charged stress is usually connected to past events.

Russ continues, "In questioning the intelligence we often times notice a pattern of poor choices made by a client while under the inability to deal with the stress in their lives. The client's intelligence prioritizes their stress and clients recall events with time periods. We meet these mile markers as opportunities and teach forgiveness to relieve and manage the stress. The object is to help our clients take responsibility for their own happiness and wellness, and make forgiveness a way of life."

How it works

On the 'How it works' page he describes the stress evaluation process. He says, "In performing the stress evaluation, a series of yes/no questions are asked. The process is much like detective work. After a careful review of your situation and concerns, we will assist you in determining which kind of stresses you are experiencing, when the stresses occurred, who else is involved in the stress and what you need to do to relieve each stress."

Continuing to quote from his website, "If you haven't experienced the reaction of the muscle response testing to a correct answer and then to an incorrect answer, it would be hard for you to understand what I'm talking about. What it looks like is; you are lying in a comfortable reclined position with one of your arms raised above your head, elbow locked and fingers loose. I ask you a question requiring a yes or no response from you after which I push on your arm while you give a little resistance.

The subconscious knows

When a person answers a question contrary to what their intelligence or subconscious knows to be true, it affects the energy field which in turn reduces muscle strength causing the arm to weaken. The response is very obvious to the client and me. This appears to be the same principle upon which the polygraph machine registers physiological responses. The intelligence knows truth and it recognizes untruth, even when we do not consciously know the answer!

Clients are often surprised to discover the nature of the stress affecting them. What we think and what we feel can be exactly opposite. What we THINK and what our intelligence THINKS can be very different. What we THINK we feel and what we ACTUALLY feel are often very different." Russ has accurately described the same technique I have used for years to discover and eliminate hidden stress, including muscle response testing.

More on the questioning technique used to discover hidden stress in a future post.


Kirby from Portland Oregon said...

I have personally worked with Russ Stewart and the Graf Technique in the past. This is an amazingly straight forward approach to dealing with your stress and other things that affect you in your life. I highly recomend you meet with Russ Stewart and start to change your life for the better!

Ben B. said...

Russ is a friend that I (with heavy feelings of doubt) asked to work with me regarding addiction recovery and chronic sleeplessness.

Within 15 minutes of comfortable discussion and muscle response testing, he isolated the primary source of my anguish to guilt and shame directly related to an occurrence involving abuse 27 years prior.

I had myself only recently been able to recall the events during a dream that I somehow remembered upon waking, but he had no possible prior knowledge.

For me; I did not realize the huge amount of personal ownership that I had accepted for something which I had no control over and did not choose at the time.

This is a very amazing practice of self-forgiveness and I felt completely comfortable, despite my previous pessimism regarding the process!

I've been back since and have felt significant relief.

Tim Malone, MCSE said...

Thank you to both Kirby and Ben B for adding your comments about the stress management technique practiced by Russ Stewart. I concur with your recommendation that almost anyone can get amazing results after just a few minutes of consultation or 'discussion and muscle response testing' as Ben wrote. It is a great tool to find hidden stress, isn't it?

Carol Lee said...

I am aware of the balancing energy and its benefits but is this similar to Yoga? Like a Western version of it?