Friday, November 9, 2007

Questioning the Subconscious Mind

In October of 1993 my son was ten years old and struggling in school. Being concerned as to the cause of his problems we asked several other parents for advice. One friend recommended a new family counselor who had just become a certified stress management consultant. I had no idea what stress management was or if it could help with the problem.

The visit started out normally enough with some simple conversation between the counselor and our son. Being a typical ten year old, Mike did not have much to say but answered the questions cheerfully enough, usually with just a yes or no but mostly, "I don't know". Then the counselor turned to us and suggested that we try a new technique to find out what was really going on in Mike's subconscious mind.

Questioning the subconscious

"Mike, stand up here for a minute, will you please?" He did. "Now hold out your arm straight out in front of you like this," and demonstrated with the arm. Mike thought this was fun and had no problem following directions. "Now I want you to hold your arm straight and strong as I ask you some questions and try to pull down on your arm. I want you to keep your arm straight."

"Say, 'my name is Mike'." As Mike complied the counselor tried to push down on Mike's arm with a small amount of downward pressure. Mike held his arm strong and it did not go down. "Now say, 'I am wearing shoes'." Mike gave us a quizzical look but repeated the statement. Once again the counselor tried to push the arm down but it remained strong and did not move.

Muscle Response Testing

"Now say, 'I am doing well in school'." A big smile came across Mike's face and he shook his head from side to side as he repeated the statement. This time his arm was easily pushed down by the family counselor even though Mike tried to hold it strong. "Hey, wait a minute!" Mike exclaimed, "Try that again." He felt that his strength was being challenged.

So they went through the process again with a similar question. "I turn in my homework on time." Same results only this time Mike was paying close attention. So was I. The counselor explained, "You see, the body has an electrical energy field that momentarily loses a little bit of strength when an untruth is repeated. It's kind of like a built-in lie detector."

The family counselor then began to ask a series of questions that Mike would repeat while his arm strength was checked. Once I got over the initial shock of seeing Muscle Response Testing in action I began to focus on the questioning technique that was being employed. I thought it most unusual that the counselor was asking Mike about dates and places.

The root of the problem

Soon we got down to the root of the problem. When Mike was in Montessori school at a very young age (four or five) he had a teacher who was very set in her ways as to the way things were and the way she wanted her pupils to do things. Through Muscle Response Testing the family counselor determined that Mike took offense at her 'dogmatic' ways.

Now Mike had never heard that word before but that's the word on which he tested positive. This was after the time frame of the initial occurrence had been established through Muscle Response Testing. We now knew what the cause of the problem was within less than five minutes of testing and were able to deal with it appropriately (more on that later).

Can this really work?

I confess I was blown away. I had never seen anything like this before and could not believe what I was witnessing. Is it really possible to question the subconscious mind through Muscle Response Testing and get accurate answers? The counselor explained that everything we have ever experienced is stored in there somewhere. MRT just helps us access it and bring it out.

What do you think? Have you ever heard of the idea of questioning the subconscious mind? If you have experienced it, tell me about the first time you saw MRT in action.


Megan said...

How interesting to randomly come across a former member of the Pomona Ward! :)

Tim Malone said...

Hi Megan,

It was great to visit your blog. We were sorry to read of the passing of your mother. Say hi to your dad. Carol says hi and that she will visit your blog a little later.

I hope that you found something of interest on my blogs. Let me know if you have any questions about anything I've written. Cheers!

Tony said...

This sounds very Freudesque..I am very interested in learning more!

Keith Hudson said...

I have not previously heard of using muscle testing to question the subconscious mind, and will certainly seek more information and understanding.

I was introduced to muscle testing years ago by friends and family who used it in connection with determining what naturopathic remedies and in what doses should be used for an individual.

I was also introduced to the idea of being able to direct my subconscious to give me information. When I have misplaced something such as keys, a book, etc., I will say out loud "Subconscious, where are my keys?"

I will usually then begin to receive thoughts of where thy might be. Whenever I successfully find the thing I was looking for, I thank Heavenly Father for giving me a subconscious.

I have not kept any sort of scientific tally, but my success rate with this method seems to be about 75%.

Is it not possible that the Lord has given us more input/output methods for this fantastic computer which we call the subconscious mind than we have yet discovered?

Tim Malone said...

Hi Keith,

Like you I was introduced to muscle testing many years ago and have tried to hone the skill over the years in questioning my subconscious mind. Some have told me that they have moved beyond the need to muscle testing, that they just "know" when something is right or wrong as they question their subconscious mind. I am not yet at that point. I continue to experiment and grow. I can almost always get answers that are directly related to my own help and well-being but not much else. Others claim it has a wider use. That has not been my experience. I am still cautious and still learning. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.